2020-2021 Class Schedule

All classes offered in-person and virtually!

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Time Class / Age Group
6-6:45p Sr Tap (13-up)
7-7:45p Sr Ballet (13-up)


Time Class / Age Group
5-5:45p Jr Lyrical (8-12)
6-6:45p Jr Ballet (9-12)
7-7:45p Sr Hip Hop (13-up)


Time Class / Age Group
4-4:45p Ballet 1 & 2 (4-6)
5-5:45p Ballet 3 (6-8)
6-6:45p Sr Pointe (13-up)
7-7:45p Sr Lyrical (13-up)


Time Class / Age Group
4-4:45p Tap 2 & 3 (5-8)
5-5:45p Jr Tap (9-12)
5:45-6:30p Jr Pointe (9-12)
6:30-7:15p Jr Hip Hop (8-12)


Time Class / Age Group
10-10-:45a Ballet 3 & 4 (6-10)
11-11:45a Hip Hop 3 & 4 (6-10)

Please note: During the months December 2020 and March 2021 all classes will be held virtually. This is to give everyone time to shelter in place and spend time with loved ones. If there should be a virus breakout or a mandatory shelter in place, all classes will temporarily switch to virtual.