Dress Code

In addition to a comfortable fitting facemask and water thermos:

Pre-Ballet / Ballet 2 & 3
Any color and style leotards, tights, ballet shoes and skirts or tutus. Have fun with it!!

Ballet / Pointe
Any color leotards, ballet skirts or shorts with pink or black tights and ballet shoes. Hair pulled back. Be beautiful.

Leotards or tank tops, yoga pants, leggings, shorts or tights. Jazz shoes, half soles or foot undies.

Hip Hop / Tap
Tank top or t-shirt, leggings, sweat pants, yoga pants, shorts. Tennis shoes for hip hop, tap shoes for tap.

Helpful Stores
Payless, Karla’s Ballerina Gifts, Academy, Target

Helpful Websites
DiscountDance.com, JustForKix.com, Amazon.com

Attendance & Observing Classes

In an effort to follow safety guidelines for COVID-19, we ask that everyone follow these guidelines:

Please wear a facemask any time you enter the studio.
Only students can enter the building to minimize the safety risk.
Payments can be made online or by phone.
Parents, please drop off and pick up students on time.
Students must enter and exit through the door that leads to their class in order to reduce students crossing each other and crowding (ie frontside or backside of building).
Students will need to bring their own water thermos with their name on it and will need to wear their facemask at all times.
Please send your child with hand sanitizer and remind them to wash their hands often.
If your child is not feeling well, please keep them home.
If you or someone you have been in contact with has been exposed to the COVID virus, please keep your child at home and let us know.