Dress Code

Pre-Ballet - Ballet 3
Be a Princess!! Leotards, tights, ballet shoes, skirts or tutus. Any color and style is great! Have fun with it! Please wear hair pulled away from face.

Jr Ballet - Sr Ballet & Pointe
Black leotard, black or pink tights, black or pink ballet shoes & ballet skirt or black dancing shorts. Hair pulled back.

Lyrical / Jazz / Technique
Leotards or tank tops, yoga pants, leggings, or dance shorts. Please wear nude tights under very short shorts. Jazz shoes or foot undies.

Gym / Tap / Hip Hop / Theater Arts
Leotard, tank top or t-shirt with shorts, leggings, sweat pants, or yoga pants. Please wear appropriate shoes.

Helpful Stores
Payless, Karla’s Ballerina Gifts, Academy, Target

Helpful Websites
DiscountDance.com, JustForKix.com

Attendance & Observing Classes

Please come to class regularly. This allows the class to progress quickly as one. Once parents have observed a class or two, we kindly ask that you wait in the front area, or you may leave your child and pick them up right after class. Please do not talk or use cell phones during class. This is to ensure as little distraction as possible. Dropping children off also helps with our limited parking. As always, thank you for your cooperation!